1) I start with my primer. I’m using Poreless Benefit primer! It is perfect for smoothing the skin out for foundation.

As you can see I’m using it on my T zone and applying with my fingers.

2) Next, I go in with my Mac Strobe Cream. It works like a dream on creating shine as well as hydrating the skin!

I like to use a flat brush and apply to the whole of my face.

3) Now, I go in with my concealer. I’m using a luxury brand YSL liquid Concealer Stick that I got for my 18th Birthday!!

It works like a dream and hides all my STRESS SPOTS

4) Next, I use my foundation (if I was doing eyeshadow I would do this first) I’m still using my budget Natural Collection brand! I use the dark and light and mix together and apply with a beauty blender!

Even though it’s a budget brand it creates such good coverage!! Ignore my neck that gets blended at the end!!!!

5) After my Foundation, I start my BELOVED BROWS

I start with Anastasia Dip Brow in Dark brown and create the shape I want, with an arch. I fade the front as I like to use a tinted brow primer on my brows to create a wispy feathered look. This isn’t essential just depends on how you like your brows! I then carve my eyebrows with the lighter foundation and drag it to my lid, this gets rid of imperfections and creates a slick brow.

6) Then, I start my mascara. I use Thick and Fast by Soap and Glory. There’s no video here as I’m sure you all love abit it mascara!!

7) Then, I start with my bronzer, I’m using Hoola by Benefit on my cheeks and forehead. This acts as contour and defines the face! I then use Radiate Block by RIMMEL and a 17 Thick brush to blend my neck.

8) To finish my defined contour look I start my highlight! I’m using the Unicorn Heart by Superdrug, I love the pink colour and focus on that.

It’s SO pigmented! I use it on my cheek bones, bridge of nose, Cupid’s brow and chin!

9) To finish my look I start with my lips! First I use a Natural Collection lip liner…

After this, I go in with my boots own CYO Gospel colour lipstick..



BEAUTY: Make-Up on a BUDGET!!!

How expensive is it to look NICE?

Now that I am a student I have wanted to find ways to save money and keep those pennies in my purse. ALL my money goes on makeup, clothes, hair products and food..

So, I have tried out makeup on a BUDGET for all us girls who spend too much money on Beauty Bay and in Boots…


Primer is key to create a smooth skin look😍! I found a FABULOUS budget primer that is now my favourite because it made my skin look so clear (more than it actually was) and is a perfect base for my foundation.


This is a new Boots brand that are available is most Boots stores around the UK! My imperfections were instantly covered up and smoothed our from this primer, UNLIKE more expensive brands I’ve used like Mac and high street brands like Revolution.

This primer is £5

I use this by applying a pea size portion to my T Zone and rub in with my fingers – Link to CYO Primer


I was majorly guilty buying Mac Strobe Cream constantly until I had to provide for myself as a student..

Strobe Cream gives your skin a glowy and dewy look and brightens your skin. ESSENTIAL for Monday mornings as it boosts your tired looking skin.

I was convinced I wouldn’t find a better Strobe Cream than Mac, however… I DID


NYX is a new brand that hit the makeup world not so long ago. DON’T BE CONFUSED THIS IS NOT A HIGHLIGHTER. This is a Strobe Cream that, Yes, highlights your face but you use this differently..

It comes in a range of colours to fit your liking. I bought GLEAM which is a pinky/ peachy colour which worked well with my paleness (I’m a ghost)!!!


After my primer I use the Strobe Cream with a flat makeup brush that you can get from practically ANYWHERE! You can use your fingers, I just prefer to use a brush. I use this all over the face as a small amount spreads very easily. – Link to Strobe Cream


I suffer with MAJOR stress spots, which is a every day occurrence for me.. So I know for students or people under a lot of pressure this is a VALUED product.


This is a fabulous liquid concealer from Collection! I use Warm Medium Shade 32 but there are a handful of colours to suit all skin tones.


I use this before AND after my foundation. Before I put a dab of concealer on my spots and blend with a beauty blender sponge. NOTE: You don’t need a branded beauty blender to make your make up look FABULOUS! – Link To Concealer


Everybody has a favourite foundation. Mine personally is Mac Studio Fix, however at £25 a pot it is used for special occasions only. I’m aware that certain people can’t wear certain brands of foundations due to sensitive skin. I am not a sufferer of this but if you are I suggest reading into what foundation you are buying, especially if it’s a new one.


Primark in the UK have started a massive makeup section. They have recently launched ‘My Perfect Colour’ which is apparently nearly an exact replica of Estée Lauder Double Wear Foundation. Primarks Foundation is £5!!!

Fenty Beauty Rihanna’s Brand is now MASSIVE. However, I have heard rumours of the foundation making people coming out with VERY bad skin despite its AMAZING coverage and colour foundation

I decided to go for one of the cheapest foundations around.


Natural Collection is one of the cheapest brands in the market and usually only launch quite bland products. I decided to buy the darkest and the lightest of the foundations they have.

The foundation itself if quite runny so I mix the two foundations together to create a olive/bronze skin look. AND the amount of compliments I got about my skin was unbelievable and they COULD NOT BELIEVE that was Natural Collection.


I like to apply my foundation again with a beauty blender sponge as I think it gives an even coverage!


Brows have been the biggest craze for YEARS now so you have to keep up!!! My favourite product EVER is Anastasia Dip Brow in Dark Brown. This is £19, it lasts for months but is still a big chunk of money. So I’ve tried to find an alternative.


This is another Boots own brand! This is nearly EXACT to Dip Brow and is smooth and defined when you apply to the brow. I prefer using a cream to the brows than powder as you can get precise definition!


I used his with an angled brush on my brows to create a think and precise brow with a defined arch. You can also use the concealer to carve the brows to the shape you desire! – Link to Brows


There are MANY mascaras out there and I wanted to find one that created VOLUME and LENGTH. Usually I use Soap and Glory Thick and Fast Hutu found loads of budget products that were the same, if not, BETTER.


This mascara worked a dream and gave me so much length and volume more than my usual brand!

I use on the top and bottom lash to create a dramatic mascara look.




I love a bronzer to contour the face and create definition. You can use a specific contour kit for this then a bronzer but for a day to day look I go for a bronzer. Usually, I use HOOLA by Benefit but it runs out so quickly and is too expensive to keep up.


This is so shimmery and pigmented in goes on to the skin perfectly! And also defines the face almost instantly! I applied this to my cheeks, forehead and neck with a thick full brush.



LETS BLIND PEOPLE BABY!!! I love a highlighter to be incredibly pigmented to blind people when I turn my cheek… I used to use Sleek Daydream Pallet which I LOVE but wanted to explore other options


This is the CUTEST HIGHLIGHTER EVER by Superdrug. It is a rainbow highlighter which comes in a shape of a heart!! It’s super cute and super pigmented! I love the pink shade! They have other colours and shapes available too!

I apply it to my cheekbones, bridge of nose, Cupid’s brow, chin, forehead and under brows with a thin wispy brush or angled brush.



We all want Kylie Jenner lips don’t we?? There’s so many cheap lipsticks that are just as good as Mac Lipsticks.


Boots SMASHING it again with the own brand! I bought GOSPEL and WISHING WELL which are honestly insane and I now wear every day! So moisturising yet keeps such a pigmented colour!!


So, this is all the makeup I found at BUDGET price which still made me feel amazing and BOOSTED my self confidence.


Brighter week

After last week and feeling low I’m decided to get my bum into gear🍑🍑🍑

I’ve put myself back onto a strict diet routine because it’s nearly summer and i’m not where I want to be! I’ve tried to cut it sugar as much as I can, no sugar in cups of tea, no chocolate EVER, no crisps, no bread (if I can help it)!! So there’s a lot I’m trying to cut out.

Apart from that I’ve started Pilates which has really helped me feel better about my weight by getting active!! And trust me it leaves me feeling sore the next morning…

I’ve also started meditation from an app on my phone which allows me to keep calm and less stressed.

I’m also thinking of joining weight watchers, so if anyone has done it let me know if it’s worth it??

Unhealthy mind.

Have you ever felt like your world is falling apart?

These past few days I’ve been feeling low. You know you feel low when you couldn’t define why. You can’t understand yourself why you can’t get yourself out the front door. Or even out of bed. I’ve sat here today and I haven’t moved since I woke up. Why? I don’t know.

My heart hurts. My head hurts.

My diet is up the wall, eating some days and not the next. I feel shit about myself, the way I look and sometimes who I am. Have you ever just hated yourself so much? Not that I recommend it because it’s cruelest thing – self hate. I nearly regurgitate my breakfast when I put my makeup on in the morning. Is that healthy? No. Am I unwell? Probably.

Jacob left to go to college over a month ago. Probably seen him about 3 times. Yes that may be nearly once a week, however, that’s about 3/4 less than I would usually. I love him. But I hate this. Waiting around for him to come home to make me happy. How did I ever become so reliant on someone to make me happy? His parents think it’s best if we split. Not that they said that directly but that’s what they meant. Less distractions for him at home. But the truth is, they are right. His job is now his top priority not that he’d want to admit it. I feel like this situation of months apart isn’t for me, but I’m too afraid to admit it. We have been through so much. Done so much together. Made so many memories. Surely it can’t just end just like that? The worst part is, is that it’s in my hands. If I can’t handle it, it’s me who has to say goodbye. It’s me who has to be the bad guy. It’s too hard making a decision about what you want and what’s best for you, and honestly? I don’t know what’s best for me. How can someone I love bring so much pain unintentionally?

So the truth is.. my life feels like it’s shattering right before my eyes. I feel like my whole world is a ticking time bomb and 1 2 3 BANG is just around the corner. What can I do about it? Absolutely fucking nothing.

Transformation Tuesday

I haven’t written anything for a while because I’ve been so busy with school work and exams in the summer… can you believe it’s here already????

Anyway, I’ve been looking at old pictures from last year and I couldn’t even believe myself the difference!!

Here’s some before pictures…

I actually look at these pictures and cannot believe I let myself get like that.

Here’s me now..

Unbelievably proud of myself and what I’ve achieved. I still believe I have a long road ahead and this isn’t just a diet it’s a lifestyle change. But if I can do it anyone can do it!!!


Who am I???

Feeling really insecure again…

I keep looking at other girls on my Instagram and Snapchat and think HOW DO YOU LOOK LIKE THAT???? Whether it’s clothes, someone’s figure or even face I can’t help but feel inferior. Half of me wants to delete every social media I have and focus on myself and building my self confidence- but what 18 year old girl could cope with that ey??? It’s become so normalised to feel like this and it’s so not fair. I WANT to be happy I WANT to love myself but I find it far too difficult.

I look in the mirror and struggle to recognise who I’m staring at. I’ve done so well eating healthy and I’m so proud of myself but my self love and self confidence is just non existent. It’s sad really. How does a girl at 18 hate herself that much?

I just don’t know what to do anymore. I’ve tried everything and I still feel the same. I want to step back from everything but every time I do someone takes her personally and think it’s an attack on them. But it’s not. It’s an attack on me. I feel like I hurt myself on purpose. Look at stuff that I know will upset me. Make me feel fat. Worthless. And for what you might ask?? Well I don’t know. To punish myself maybe for looking the way that I do.

One day maybe I will love myself but today is definitely not the day😔

Wasting my time🤯🤯

I’m feeling so frustrated. I’ve had this problem with my Leg/hip/pelvis for nearly a year, it’s a sharp pain that actually makes me cry and then occasionally a dull ache. It isn’t relieved by resting it’s just as bad as movement. I went to the doctor is January after having enough of putting up with it and she sent me for physio and for an ultrasound…

The ultrasound came up that there was something on my ovary most likely a cyst and my bloods had a raised ESR and low Neut (if you know what that is). I then got referred to a gynaecologist and I was dreading it all week.

I went yesterday and I must of been in there 30 seconds for him to tell me it’s not a cyst and to go back to the doctor and go down a different path. I don’t know what to do because I feel like I’m wasting my time. Do I just live with the pain? Or do I go back and demand to be referred privately to get to the bottom of it? I feel like now I’m doubting myself. Telling myself it’s nothing and just to forget about it and thinking to myself maybe it is just a pulled muscle. But then the other half of me is like YOU KNOW THATS NOT A PULLED MUSCLE ITS BEEN AWFUL PAIN FOR A YEAR

So where do I go from here? I feel frustrated that I’m back at stage 1 when the first time in a year I felt like I was getting somewhere😔 if you have any ideas please comment and let me know or if you’ve experienced the same thing so I can talk to somebody!